Hawaii Santa In Paradise 2014 Schedule – now open!


Ho! Ho! Ho! Brrr! What a cold, cold winter we have had! Now, Santa in Paradise is enjoying his favorite vacation stop, the beautiful Garden Island of Kauai. For those of you looking for the warmth of our weather and the feelings of aloha from our hearts, now is the time to schedule that magical vacation. Visits by the Santa in Paradise can bring your family and friends the most memorable family vacation experience. Your keiki will never forget these special moments. Family Dinners with the Hawaii Santa are available all year round.

Last year, Santa in Paradise, the Hawaii Santa, performed the most festive, holiday Santa weddings. Couples shared a memorable wedding ceremony performed by Santa. I am a licensed performer of marriages and civil unions. All those years of a loving marriage have brought you to the islands, renew your wedding vows with the Hawaii Santa.

Santa in Paradise Holiday Flavored Products will be available soon. Be good to each other and have the best day ever.

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