Santa in Paradise and Kauai Disc Golf presents EXTREME KAUAI DISC GOLF



Santa in Paradise brings to Kauai, EXTREME Kauai Disc Golf. To get in shape after the long magical night, Santa in Paradise enjoys an extreme disc golf course set on the most beautiful spots on earth. No where else in the world can you find these majestic views and  disc golf pins resting along a scenic coastline. With my Santa Jeep and the Santa red breakdown disc basket, my 18 to 36 EXTREME Kauai Disc Golf Course brings to your island experience dramatic ocean views, deep jungle wild boar trails, and steep mountain canyons. Hole #7 Poipu State Beach Tombolo is one of eight tombolos in the State of Hawaii, do you know what a “tombolo” is?

Santa in Paradise currently is scheduling holiday events, summer weddings and family dinners. While on your family Kauai vacation, invite Santa in Paradise to your timeshare, condo, or hotel/resort for a surprise dinner visit. Your keiki(children) will never forget their Santa experience. Available all year round, Kauai is Santa in Paradise’s favorite stop after that EXTREME Holiday Eve!

Never put your back to our ocean, large waves can catch you with surprise and danger. Watch your step on slippery areas. Pick up any trash along the way. Be good to each other and have the best day ever! SANTA IN PARADISE

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