Santa In Paradise

On the Garden Island of Kauai

Meet Santa on his last stop, Kauai, the island of fantasy, beauty and make believe.  Santa brings island joy and happiness to locals and visitors. Santa In Paradise is available for:

  • Special Events
  • Weddings
  • Vow Renewal
  • Corporate Functions
  • Shopping Centers
  • Dinner with Santa
  • Surprise Vists to Hotels, Condos, Beaches or your “Special Spot”

 “I promise to be good to you every day because I KNOW Santa is watching!”

A special visit from Jolly Ol’ St. Nck can be arranged. While searching for that unique holiday experience, year round, please call 619-417-0050 to schedule your Santa In Paradise visit or special occasion. Santa can be seen in his vacation sleigh on many places on this island paradise. Be sure to Stop and ask for a picture and autograph.

  • T-shirts,
  • Aloha Santa Pictures
  • Wedding photography
  • Many Wedding packages available.
  • A variety of Aloha Santa outfits for any Santa occasion.

It’s Christmas in Kauai all year round. Ho! Ho! Ho!

5 comments to Home

  • Diane Obrero  says:

    Phil..who did your website? I was mesmerized. I am looking forward to watching you grow. I am soooooooo happy for you! May the force be with you….go Santa !!!! I want to be apart of ” In search of MRS. CLAUS. Diane

  • Kauai Honeybush  says:

    Santa Phill, I’m happy you have your web site!
    All children can send you letters now!
    Have very nice Christmas, dear Santa Phill:):)

  • Mary Graefen  says:

    Hi Santa
    We met you last night at the art walk. Cannot seem to find you on Facebook. The like link on the bottom of this page is not working from my mobile phone. Have a couple of pics…if you’d still like me to share!


  • Tequila Sunset  says:

    Happy Holidays Santa Kauai. This website looks wonderful, I’m showing it to friends now in Thailand. ONON 🙂 Tequila

  • Kai  says:

    Hey phil cant wait to see that ‘frolf’ or frisbee golf course come together. Dont forget to let us know when the planning and building is going down so us frolfer’s can lend a hand =D -Kai from the brewery

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